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Recently, there has been a large increase in the number of patients who come to our clinic for neck related symptoms. In addition to neck shoulder and back pain, some people may don’t known that their symptoms are neck related, such as vertigo, dizziness, numbness in the fingers, sore arms,
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ovulation egg and uterus
A normal ovulatory menstruation cycle a woman ovulates every cycle. After ovulation, the level of estrogen drops then raise again in the second part of period. At the same time progesterone raise and keep at a high level. Two weeks later, both hormones retreat and menstruation start. Usually after ovulation
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sperm fragmentation ICSI
An estimated 15% of couples in the world suffer from infertility. According to a survey in 2013 by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Optimization (NICE) in the United Kingdom, male factors have become the main reason for infertile couples to use assisted reproductive therapy (ART). Male infertility is
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help children stay away from internet
Author: Ting Okamura COVID-19 has changed the way we live our everyday lives and there is no sign that it will end any time soon. With the periodic and unpredictable lockdowns, we have all had to quickly adapt to this new lifestyle. With more and more online studies, children are
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overuse of digital devices
Author: Ting Okamura Nowadays, our digital devices provide us with countless entertainment and social platforms at the touch of a button. It is very easy to become addicted. To some extent, we are all aware of the excessive time spent using these devices, but using these digital devices can cost
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BBT chart
作者:Dr. Richard Zeng 曾医生(中医师) 什么是基础体温 (BBT) 基础体温 (BBT) 是您在休息时的温度。这是您身体的最低温度。 为什么要测量基础体温 (BBT) 从月经开始到排卵,您的基础体温 (BBT) 一直保持在较低水平。一旦排卵,您的基础体温就会升高并保持高位,直到下一个月经开始。因此,通过测量和记录基础体温 (BBT),我们可以知道: 您在该周期是否有排卵;如果有排卵,什么时候排卵。 如果正确测量和记录基础体温,您的医生也可通过检测基础体温图表来反映的您的生育状况的变化。根据这些细微的变化,我们可以调整您的中药针灸,以取得最佳的治疗方案。 如何测量记录您的基础体温BBT 在测量基础体温之前,您应该保证至少 3 小时的连续睡眠; 您需要准备一个普通的数字温度计; 最好有一个闹钟,并尽量在每天醒来时(而不是起床时)的同一时间进行测量。周末应该也一样; 如果你起得太早或太晚,最好在当天的图表上做个标记; 早上醒来时直接测量体温(在此之前不要做任何事情——比如去洗手间或给你丈夫一个拥抱……); 测量体温的方法有两种:经口腔或经阴道; 口腔:将温度计深入牙龈根部和面部之间。测量时确保嘴巴闭紧; 经阴道:经阴道测量温度会更稳定,温度可能比经口腔略高; 记录后立即记录温度; 在适当的温度下画一个十字,连线制成折线图 – 如果是手动记录在纸质表上时; 如果温度在玻璃温度计上的两个数字之间,请始终取较低的数字; 你可记录其他任何的生活或身体变化比如同房,白带,睡眠,饮食,情绪,或疾病症状,如感冒、发烧,头痛,失眠等等。 目前大多数人选择下载手机应用程序,轻松记录。在这里我们推荐 fertility friend。 如有任何问题请联系我们,或现在就拨打电话预约: 03 9378 9479 (Coburg 诊所) Coburg 诊所地址:21 Bell St, Coburg, VIC 3058
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Chinese herbs
Various physiological or pathological changes occur in the body of women during pregnancy and after labor. No matter it is a natural birth or a cesarean section, it will lead to the loss of Qi (means vital energy) and blood. Weak Qi and blood often means weakened immune function. At
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Question Is maternal caffeine intake associated with neonatal anthropometry? Findings In this cohort study of 2055 women from 12 clinical sites, measures of caffeine consumption (plasma caffeine and paraxanthine and self-reported consumption) were associated with neonatal size at birth. Increasing caffeine measures were significantly associated with lower birth weight, shorter
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