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Almond Wellness Centre

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinics

in Melbourne

Almond Wellness Centre – the leading Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinics in Melbourne. We’ve been serving and helping people around Melbourne northern and eastern suburbs since 2003. Our clinics located in Coburg and Ringwood. Both clinics offer symptomatic and preventive health care. We would like to help you get off the treadmill of ill health, discover a blueprint for health rejuvenation and optimal well-being.

We strongly believe

Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and natural health care are the answer to the health problems that millions of people face.

Our passion

To help as many people as we can to Get Well and Stay Well without drugs or surgery.

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Service provided

We provide acupuncture treatment, Chinese herbal medicine, remedial massage, cupping therapy, counselling chiropractic at ringwood and other natural therapies. 


We have particular interest and experiences in working with patients with fertility IVF challenges, pregnancy, women’s health and other health issues. These include:

fertility acupuncture


Pregnancy preparation, egg sperm quality and ovulation issues, weight sleep and stress management

ivf support acupuncture Chinese medicine

IVF Support

IVF support acupuncture – working with your fertility specialist for IVF success, stress emotional support

women's health

Pregnancy and Women's health

pain management

Natural Pain management

Sports injuries, back pain, arthritis pain, sciatica and some nerve pain.

General practice

In consultation with other treating health practitioners, we may also be able to help you manage and improve symptoms of other general conditions, such as:

In stead of listing the whole range of issues that we could be help, we would rather you contact us. In this way we can understand the details of your condition and may provide better help for you.

Meet our practitioners

Our team include registered acupuncture Chinese medicine practitioners, chiropractor, massage therapists and counsellor. 

All acupuncture TCM practitioners have completed extensive training in reproductive health. These include TCM gynaecology and obstetrics, IVF acupuncture support, pregnancy, pre/post-natal treatment. Our practitioners have abundant knowledge in both traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine in women’s health and fertility.

Our chief practitioner Dr. Richard Zeng (TCM) has over 25 years of full-time professional experience in China, Germany and Australia hospitals and clinics.


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Why choose us?

Why choose our Masters of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine ?

Here are the 6 great reasons to choose our Masters of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine:

1.  We’ve been servicing and helping people in Coburg and Ringwood area since 2003. We are the most reputable acupuncture Chinese medicine practice in Melbourne northern and eastern suburbs.

2. Our warm and caring staff welcome you. Your experience will be as comforting, encouraging and reassuring as possible; your privacy is respected at all times.

3. Your treatment is tailored and unique. We make Chinese medicine diagnoses and treatment plans according to your age, gender, individual symptoms, signs, and different phases of your conditions.

4. You will receive a natural, drug free treatment to ease your symptoms or pain; the cause of your symptoms will be addressed, not just masked.

5. The practitioners you see are university trained and fully qualified. All acupuncturists and Chinese herbalist are registered with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board in Australia. Our chief practitioner Dr. Richard Zeng (TCM) has over 25 years of full-time professional experience in China, Germany and Australia hospitals and clinics. We will not be ‘Practising’ with your health.

6. Safety is our first priority. Only sterilised disposable needles and high-quality herbs/supplements are used in our clinics. Your treatment will be relaxing and comfortable.

Great practitioners

Fully qualified, highly experienced practitioners

Northern and Eastern Suburbs

Coburg and Ringwood clinic

Open 7 days

Both clinics are open 7 days a week

Health fund rebates

HICAPS claim available on the spot