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About us

About our mission, our belief

Our mission

Dedicated to providing excellent and professional services for your individual heath care


Our belief

We believe Good health is attained not by the treatment of disease through the use of drugs, but by the maintenance of health through proper acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional means.


At Almond Wellness Centre, we help you to: 


Get well

Our team of Acupuncturists, Chinese herbalists, Massage therapists, Chiropractors and other health professionals are committed to your well-being. At each of your visit, you will expect a holistic and natural approach specially customised for a healthy and pain free lifestyle. Together, we work to help you from being unwell to symptom free.


Stay well

For your health and well-being, we also provide lifestyle, dietary, nutritional and exercises advice to prevent your symptoms from coming back and help you stay well.

Simply states: We care for you, naturally


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