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Pregnancy Acupuncture Melbourne

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What to Expect from Pregnancy Acupuncture?

So, acupuncture’s been a thing in China for ages, helping with the whole female reproductive system. It’s all about Qi – the vital energy cruising through your meridians. Acupuncturists tweak those body points to balance the Qi.  At Almond Wellness Centre in Melbourne, we’re all about helping out with fertility issues using acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and some natural remedies thrown into the mix.

And, if you are already conceived we’ve got your back with pregnancy acupuncture to tackle all sorts of discomforts and symptoms.

So, What can Pregnancy Acupuncture Do for You?

Pregnancy can be a wild ride, full of changes, both physical and emotional. That’s when it becomes super important to look after yourself. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine step in to tackle the unique challenges of pregnancy, keeping you and your little one in top shape naturally, without the need for drugs.

The key benefits of pregnancy acupuncture include:

Ease the Pain

Acupuncture is great in pain relief – natural, fast and effective. It reduces common pregnancy related pains like:

  • migraine headaches;
  • sciatica;
  • back hip pain;
  • pelvic girdle pain.

Nip Nausea in the Bud

Those morning sickness vibes? Acupuncture’s got your back, especially during that first trimester, sorting out your digestive system. For some of you, acupuncture may “Switch Off” the sickness almost instantly.

We may also teach you using some acupressure points at home for sickness.


Chill out and De-stress

Pregnancy stress and anxiety? Acupuncture sessions are your ticket to relaxation, reduced stress levels, and managing anxiety by messing with your hormones and releasing feel-good endorphins.


Sleep Tight, Get Energised

Say hello to better sleep by fixing those typical pregnancy sleep issues. Balance that energy flow, regulate sleep patterns, and boost your energy levels.

Circulation Boost

Acupuncture’s like a superhero for blood circulation, which is awesome during pregnancy. It helps your little one grow, ensuring they get all the good stuff they need.


Prepare for Labor

Get your body ready for labor by clearing energy blockages, relaxing both physically and mentally.

The result? Less pain, more comfort, and better rest.

Moxibustion May Help Turn Breech Babies

Postpartum Care

Recovering after childbirth? Consider traditional Chinese herbal tea for that extra boost in strength, vitality, and energy.


Is Pregnancy Acupuncture Safe?

Yep, it’s generally safe, especially when done by a pro acupuncturist who knows their stuff about prenatal care. At Almond Wellness Centre, we’ve got your safety in mind:

  • Our acupuncturists are professionals in prenatal care, understanding all the ins and outs of those pregnancy changes.
  • We steer clear of risky acupuncture points during pregnancy and focus on the safe ones that help with pregnancy-related issues.
  • Only sterile disposable needles make the cut here, ensuring safety and minimising infection risks.
  • Your safety starts with a solid consultation where we dig into your medical history, consider any red flags, and cook up a personalised treatment plan.


Now, about Treatment Plans and Costs

We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Your treatment plan is all about you, your needs, and whatever’s bothering you.

  • Initial assessment and treatment: $160 (Concession card holder: $140).
  • Follow-up treatments: $105 (Concession card holder: $95).

Hit Us Up

If you’re keen on a natural and gentle approach to tackle pregnancy and beyond, acupuncture is your go-to.

Not sure if pregnancy acupuncture’s your jam? Give our experienced acupuncture and Chinese medicine crew a shout – they’re ready to chat about what works best for you and your pregnancy care.

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