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Author: Dr. Richard Zeng (acupuncturist Melbourne)

menstruation health acupuncture MelbourneOne of our regular patients recently asked today, “Hey Dr. Zeng, can I still get acupuncture when I’m on my period? Will it mess things up?”

The safety of acupuncture during menstruation has always been a hot topic. For women dealing with period problems like cramps, irregular cycles, or trouble getting pregnant, acupuncture can be a game-changer. But some folks worry that because acupuncture gets things moving, it might throw off their flow, leading to heavier bleeding or wonky cycles. That’s why some say it’s best to skip acupuncture during your period.

What the Research Says

A study from 2016 called “Thinking About Acupuncture During Your Period” in the “Acupuncture Research” journal weighed in on this. They found that based on lots of real-world experience and the latest in acupuncture know-how, there’s no hard-and-fast rule against acupuncture during your period. Those claims about acupuncture messing with your cycle? Turns out, they don’t have much solid evidence backing them up.


My Take

In my opinion, getting acupuncture while you’re on your period won’t cause any surprises or extra harm if you’re in good health. Acupuncture works by kickstarting your body’s self-repair systems to help it heal. It’s all about bringing balance back to your body, so it only does its thing when things are out of whack. If everything’s already humming along smoothly, acupuncture won’t shake things up.

What to Keep in Mind

Those claims about acupuncture throwing your period out of whack? They’re probably not legit. But for some folks, acupuncture might feel a bit different when they’re on their period. If you’re getting acupuncture during Aunt Flo’s visit, just make sure:

  • Your acupuncturist picks the right spots.
  • They go easy on the needle action to avoid overdoing it.

Bottom Line

For the most part, going for acupuncture during your period is A-OK. If you’re thinking about it, team up with a seasoned acupuncturist and clue them in on your cycle and how you’re feeling. That way, you’ll make sure your session is safe and effective.

Acupuncture during your period isn’t usually a problem for your health. But to play it safe, your acupuncturist should use gentle techniques and pick the right spots. So, teaming up with a pro and sharing a bit about your cycle is a smart move.

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