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Back pain stretching exercises

If you have lower back pain, here are the back pain stretching exercises that I recommend you do daily.

All stretches are to be performed while lying on a flat firm surface,  such as the floor. Lying on the bed is ok, however you do not have enough support as lying on the floor.

Stretch one – Bring the knees up

Lying on your back, have one leg out straight as you bring the other knee up to the chest with both hands. Hold for at least 10 breaths. Repeat on the other leg. Bring both knees up to the chest and hold for at least 10 breath

Stretch two – Rolling side to side

Place both feet on the ground with knees bent, stretch both arms out to the sides and gently roll the knees from side to side twenty times (ten times each side)

Stretch three – Cross your knee

Keeping both hands stretched out to the sides, place one leg out straight and lift the other knee up in line with your hip, gently take it across to the opposite side using your hand to pull it down. While pulling the knee down look to the opposite side, hold for at least 10 breaths and then repeat with the other leg.

How many back pain stretches exercises should I do?

Doing all those three stretches counts as one set.

How often should I do the stretches?

In each session you should aim for a minimum of three sets. You should perform the whole routine at least twice per day: One session in the morning, one session in the evening. During the day, if you feel the pain, you can do another one or two sessions (three sets each time). Most people will feel better straight after the above exercises.


To perform a safe and effective stretch exercises when you have back pain, you should: 1. Start from nice and easy – make sure you do not feel the pain, but only the muscle stretches; 2. Keep steady and hold for enough time – at least 10 breathes (that at least half a minute).