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ovulation bleeding and acupuncture Chinese medicine

Have you ever noticed a bit of spotting in the middle of your menstrual cycle, or even experienced what feels like “two periods” in one month? Well, that’s what we call “ovulation bleeding.” And guess what? Acupuncture and Chinese medicine might just have some insights into it!

Understanding Ovulation Bleeding:

Hanging Out with Hormones: Around days 14-16 of your cycle, you might see some spotting or light bleeding. This is due to the hormonal rollercoaster ride, especially the drop in estrogen after ovulation. It triggers a mini-shedding of the endometrium, resulting in light bleeding. You might even experience mild tummy cramps as a bonus.

What to Expect:

  • It’s not a full-on period; the bleeding is less than your regular flow.
  • The color might be dark red or brown, sometimes with a bit of mucus.
  • You might feel some mild cramping.
  • The good news? It usually calms down on its own after ovulation.

Handling It:

Most of the time, there’s no need to stress. But if the bleeding is more than you’d like, your doc might suggest a low-dose estrogen or short-acting contraceptives.

When Things Get Complicated:

If the bleeding seems excessive, it could signal other issues like hormonal imbalances or structural quirks. It’s a good idea to consult your doc for a closer look and some targeted care.

Exploring Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture:

TCM’s Perspective on Ovulation Bleeding: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture takes centre stage to balance your qi, blood, and overall well-being.

Fun Strategies:

  1. Boosting Qi and Blood Flow: Target spots like ST36, GV4, and CV4 to keep things flowing smoothly.
  2. Warming Up the Body: Points like BL20, BL23, and CV4 help kick cold vibes to the curb.
  3. Harmonising Yin and Yang: Specific points help balance the yin and yang energies.
  4. Supporting the Spleen and Kidneys: Hit BL20 and BL23 to give these organs some love and address any deficiencies.
  5. Double Nutrition Power: SP10 and CV6 points work together to nourish both qi and blood for a balanced boost.

Bridging TCM with Western Medicine:

Feeling intrigued by acupuncture and Chinese medicine for your ovulation bleeding? Why not chat with your gynaecologist and our TCM pro at Almond Wellness Centre? It’s like getting the best of both worlds—ancient wisdom and modern know-how.

Your body gets the care it deserves, and you get to explore what works best for you.

So, party on – with balance! 🎉