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Dr. Richard Zeng - Chinese Herbalist Acupuncturist Melbourne

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Dr. Richard Zeng Acupuncturist Chinese herbalist Melbourne

Dr. Richard Zeng

B.Med, M.Med (T.C.M. China)

Acupuncturist – AHPRA Registered

Chinese medicine practitioner – AHPRA Registered

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine – China Registered

Australia Accredited Member of Australia Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Former lecturer of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – RMIT University, Victoria University


Dr. Richard Zeng was born in Hubei Province, China. His family has four generations of medical practitioners. Dr. Zeng’s grandparents were both in private practice as Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors since the 1930s.

Growing up in a natural holistic environment, Dr. Zeng has been exposed to natural healing since he was very young.  His mother was a GP and practice acupuncture at the same time. Richard upbringing revolved around various Chinese herbs, acupuncture and other medical treatments, as they lived in the apartment attached to her mother’s hospital.

Dr. Zeng Local Chinese medicine doctor

Richard’s grandfather was  a  famous local Chinese medicine herbalist who worked until his late 80’s. Richard had a very close personal relationship with his grandparents, and developed a deep familiarity with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine herbs.

Being immersed in a family devoted to natural healing from a young age, Dr. Zeng was inspired to carry on the family legacy and pursue a career focused on natural approaches to wellness.


In 1989, Dr. Zeng attended Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine where studied both conventional Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. After completing his studies Dr. Zeng graduated with degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Medicine. Richard was proudly awarded as an Excellent Graduate by the university.

After graduation, Dr. Zeng worked as a doctor at Wuhan Hospital of Chinese Medicine, gaining practical experience in both Western and Chinese medicine.

In 2002, Dr. Zeng came to Australia as a skilled immigrant. He worked as a registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist in Melbourne. Meanwhile Richard also worked as a lecturer and clinic supervisor at Chinese Medicine Division at RMIT University, Endeavour College of Natural Health and Victoria University. In 2003, he established his own practice, Almond Wellness Centre – the Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Clinic in Melbourne.


Dr. Richard Zeng represents the fourth generation of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors in his family. His integrative approach is well-rounded. It represents the most complete methods of helping his clients dealing with a wide variety of health concerns.

Richard has studied and practiced both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This experience gives him a broad view of two different medicine. It helps him understand the modern diagnosis of a specific disease. At the same time, it also brings him an understanding of the Pros and Cons of those two in treating such disease. This background with over 25 years of full-time working experience is really helpful in his busy clinic practice. It allows him quickly identify the root cause of health problems. As a result he can correctly provide the most appropriate and effective treatments for his patients.

Qualification & Working Experience

Sep 1989 ~ June 1994 Bachelor of Medicine (TCM, China). Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Sep 1994 ~ June 1997 Master of Medicine (TCM, China). Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Sep 1993 ~ June 1994 Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Internship). Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Sep 1995 ~ June 1996 Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Residence). Wuhan Integrated TCM and Western Medicine Hospital;

Dec 1996 ~ Feb 1997 Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Residence). WuYi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Aug 1997 ~ May 2001 Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

June 2001 ~ Dec 2001 Visiting Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Klinikum Duisburg Germany;

Dec 2001 ~ Aug 2002 Doctor of Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist. Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Jan 2003 ~  Lecturer of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. RMIT University Chinese Medicine Division;

Aug 2003 ~ 2008 Lecturer of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Victoria University Chinese Medicine Unit;

May 2003 ~ Registered acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioner. Almond Wellness Centre


Available Day and Time

Dr. Richard Zeng is available at both Coburg acupuncture Chinese medicine clinic and Ringwood acupuncture Chinese medicine clinic.

Coburg Clinic – Servicing Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Wednesday: 10am~6pm

Saturday: 8am ~3pm

Ringwood Clinic – Servicing Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Tuesday: 10am ~6pm

Friday: 10am ~6pm

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