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Coronavirus disease COVID-19 Important Notice

Consultation Advice

Dear patient,

Within 14 days, if you:

  • left country or region that is at higher risk for COVID-19, or
  • contacted of a confirmed case

You should wait until you have passed 14 days incubation period, before come to see our practitioners.

Check for the list of at-risk countries

If you have already developed symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness or shortness of breath,

Please DO NOT come to see our practitioners. Instead you should first arrange to see your local GP or visit local hospital doctor for urgent assessment.


Call before you visit your GP or hospital

If you develop symptom, you should telephone the health clinic or hospital

  • before you arrive and
  • tell them your travel history, or that you may have been in contact with a potential case of coronavirus.

You must remain isolated either in your home or a healthcare setting until public health authorities inform you it is safe for you to return to your usual activities.

For more information please call the dedicated hotline on 1800 675 398

Coburg Clinic Ph:03 9378 9479

Almond Wellness Centre Coburg
21 Bell street, Coburg, Vic 3058
03 9386 5068

Address: 21 Bell Street, Coburg, Vic 3058

Phone: 03 9378 9479

Clinic Hours:

Monday: 11am~6pm
Tuesday: 9am~6pm
Wednesday: 12pm~8pm
Thursday: 9:30am~6pm
Friday: 10am~6pm
Saturday: 8am~4pm
Sunday: 9am~2pm

Ringwood Clinic Ph:03 8802 1519

Almond Wellness Centre Ringwood
31 Wantirna road, Ringwood, Vic 3134
03 8802 1519

Address: 31 wantirna road, Ringwood, vic 3134

Phone: 03 8802 1519

Clinic Hours:

Monday: 10am~8pm
Tuesday: 10am~6pm
Wednesday: 10am~7pm
Thursday: 10am~6pm
Friday: 10am~6pm
Saturday: 9am~3pm
Sunday: 10am~2pm

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