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Author:Dr. Richard Zeng (Chinese medicine) Natural Ways to Decrease Oestrogen Eat cruciferous vegetables broccoli is the star but eating plenty of green vegetables of the cruciferous family help the liver metabolise oestrogen. Other cruciferous vegetables include: Bok-Choy, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, Daikon radish, Horseradish, Kale, Radish, Turnip and
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Iron This nutrient is important for the correct formation of foetal blood, brain, eyes, bones and an overall healthy growth rate. It is also vital for a healthy immune system, mucous membranes, for general health and fertility. However many women do not realise how important iron is very important in
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“Women seven and men eight” is the Chinese statement on the growth cycle of human being from the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine“- The “Bible” of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). That is, the number of women’s life cycle is seven and the number of men’s life cycle is eight.
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Dear friends and patients, We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Our acupuncture and chiropractic clinic are remaining open at the moment. As always, Safety is our first priority We have committed: High standard infection control to be practiced in our clinics. • Masks offered to all and to
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Dear friends and patients, The coronarivus has been spreading in Australia. There are increasing information about the coronavirus from the media and social media. People are becoming more anxious about the virus – we see panic buying of toilet paper and other stuffs from the supermarket. Here are a few
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就诊建议和忠告 如果您: 在14天内到过COVID-19疫情风险较高国家或地区; 或在14天内出现最后一次接触确诊病例; 您需要在14天潜伏期过后才来我们诊所看病。   而如果您已经有发烧、咳嗽、喉咙痛、疲劳或气短等症状 请暂时不要来我们诊所,而是先预约您的GP或本地医院急诊科就诊,进行紧急评估。 请浏览 www.health.gov.au/covid19-travellers 了解当前中高度疫情风险国家列表。   在去诊所或医院之前,应先打电话 告知您曾到过的地方,或者自己可能接触过冠状病毒疑似病例。必须在家中或医疗机构中保持隔离,直到公共卫生机构通知您可以安全如常地活动。 认为自己可能与冠状病毒确诊病例有过密切接触的人士也应该监测自己的健康状况,并寻求紧急医疗救助。 For more information please call 1800 675 398
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Note: Aphra may not accept these research as evidence. You should consult your treating practitioners about how acupuncture may be able to help you. Reviews of Acupuncture Chinese medicine for IVF Support The effects of acupuncture on pregnancy outcomes of in vitro fertilization: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Complement Altern
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List are a few researches of acupuncture Chinese herbal medicine for endometriosis. Note: AHPRA does not accept those evidence. PLoS One. 2017; 12(10): e0186616. Effects of acupuncture for the treatment of endometriosis-related pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis – 2017 Author’s conclusions Acupuncture can alleviate the pain of dysmenorrhoea and
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