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Menstrual Cycle and Traditional Chinese Medicine

A normal menstrual cycle is 24-35 days, average 28 day. The duration is 3-7, with 30-50ml of normal menstrual bleeding.

However, the definition of normal menstruation in Traditional Chinese Medicine is not so simple.

  • In addition to the cycle length and amount, Chinese medicine think a normal period should be: red in color, not dark; not too heavy or too light; with no blood clots and; and no special odour.
  • Before and around menstruation, there should be no significant symptoms.  Those symptoms include mood swings, sore tender breasts, bloating, headache or migraine.
  • If someone’s period does not meet the the above criteria, it can be seen as abnormal.

From the menstrual cycle, color, texture, volume and odor to start, combined with other general symptoms, we can determine the overall health from a woman’s period cycle.

Menstrual cycle length

Menstrual cycle is counted from day one of period starts until it finishes. If the cycle starts 7 days earlier, and with 2 or more consecutive cycles , she can be diagnosed as heat or blood deficiency; if the cycle delays over 7 days, or 40-50 days each time, mostly she can be diagnosed as cold syndrome, or Qi/blood deficiency (Qi/blood Xu).

Color, texture

If the color is light, or the texture is thin, it reveals deficient syndrome such as qi/blood deficiency, spleen/kidney deficiency, or dampness. While dark, purple color, thick texture or with clots means heat, blood stasis, or Qi-energy stagnation.

For example: the blood was also divided on the heat of hot and Hot, bright red color with a period, but the actual amount of heat associated with menstruation and more menstrual and hot with less. Also sub-cold blood cold, cold. Really cold or folders by color dark Dan a small blood clot, cold color such as Black Bean or Dan.


Observation period features and a target, that is, the amount of menstruation, but they alone will amount to the amount of blood is unable to determine the situation.

For example to the many, it seems a lot of blood, but is another Dan volume addition of color and texture they dilute it, but it is the performance of blood loss. Only to much color deep red, thick texture be considered hot. To less the same, in conjunction with the period of color, texture, can determine the true state of qi and blood.

Accompanying symptoms

Except the very nature of the period, the period before and after the availability of dizziness, headache, dysmenorrhea, diarrhea, mood swings and so on symptoms, blood can also be used to help determine the situation. Such as easy to dizziness before and after menstruation, it is deficient? In fact a very good judge, observing period on it. At the same time period with less dizziness, color Dan. If accompanied by pale gums, tongue, Dan, palpitations, fatigue and other symptoms Shenpi was deficient.

If accompanied by chest tightness, head weight, poor appetite, more vaginal discharge, compared with phlegm caused by spleen deficiency. If dizziness, menstrual small amount of bright red color, and it will upset with irritability, weak waist, dry mouth and throat, cheek redness and other symptoms, compared to liver and kidney.

Dysmenorrhea can also distinguish between the body actual situation, the general came menstrual pain before or do not like Anrou, menstruation, the blood clot came out real pain for pain reduction, and more caused by the stasis, incentives and more to liver qi stagnation, or catch cold. If the menstrual period pain, menstrual pain aggravated, abdominal endless, like Anrou or hot, the pain was imaginary, and more from the kidney, blood in the virtual cause.