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Author: Dr. Richard Zeng (Chinese medicine)

“Women seven and men eight” is the Chinese statement on the growth cycle of human being from the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine“- The “Bible” of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

That is, the number of women’s life cycle is seven and the number of men’s life cycle is eight. Every seven or eight years, women or men’s life change.The 7 year life cycle is so obvious for woman, and her fertility status changes every seven years too.

The physical change of women occurs obviously every seven years; and men’s change occurs every eight years. – “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine”

7 year old:

A moman’s kidney energy growing strong, teeth change and hair grows longer and stronger. (the 1st 7 years).

Kidney is a special term in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It not only has the function of controlling the urinary system, but also has a very important role – control the developing, growing, and reproduction. In terms of reproduction, you can think Kidney as a “Small Kidney”- the ovaries or testis.

At the age of 7, a woman’s reproductive system start to develop.

14 year old:

Her menstruation appears as the Ren meridian (the sea of Yin/Essence) flows and the Qi and blood in the Chong meridian (the sea of blood) becomes prosperous, she can have a child. (2nd 7 years)

At the age of 14, her menstruation appears and she is able to have a child. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the age of menarche is one important factor to help make diagnosis. If menarche is later than 14 year old, often indicate lower fertility energy.

21 year old:

Her kidney energy is balanced, her adult teeth completely developed and her body grows to full height. (3rd 7 years)

A woman’s energy especially fertility energy is full at the age of 21.

28 years old:

Her bones and muscles are strong, her hair grow to full length, her body is at optimal condition. (4th 7 years)

From the age 21 to 28, a women’s fertility energy reach the peak. This is the best time in her life to have children.

35 year old:

Her peak condition declines gradually. Her energy in Yangming meridian declines. Her face starts wither and her hair starts to fall. (5th 7 years)

From 35 year old, she start to have wrinkles on the face, and her general energy and fertility start to decline. She still able to have children.

42 year old:

Sanyang energy declines. Her face wanes and she starts to have white hair. (6th 7 years)

From the age of 42, her physical energy and fertility energy declines and difficult to conceive.

49 year old:

The Ren meridian (Conception Vessel) and Chong meridian vital energy declines, her menstruation dried up, her physique turns old and feeble; She is no longer to conceive. (7th 7 years)

From the 7-year-life cycle, we can see that the good age for a woman to have children is from 21 to 35. And the best age is around 28 year old.

The 7-year life cycle provides a framework for understanding the various phases and developmental milestones in a woman’s life. Each stage presents unique challenges, opportunities, and transitions. By recognising and embracing the changes that accompany each phase, women can navigate their life journeys with self-awareness, resilience, and a focus on their overall well-being.

Additionally, by understanding the women’s 7-year life cycle and following the guidelines for women’s health and natural fertility treatment, women can make informed decisions, maintain their overall health, and address specific needs related to fertility at each stage.

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