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“When acupuncture does not help, moxibustion works”

What is moxibustion?

Moxibustion is a traditional heat therapy in Chinese Medicine.  In the treatment a “moxa” cone is burned on or over the acupuncture points of your body. 

Moxa wool is made of dry moxa leaves (Artemisia vulgaris) ground into a fine powder with the coarse residue removed. Moxa wool may be made in the shape of a cone from the size of a wheat grain to size of half a date stone. It is considered that the older the moxa wool the better.

By doing moxibustion, the heat can penetrate directly through your skin. Moxibustion warm and removing obstruction of channels, eliminating cold and dampness, thus promote the function of the organs.

Moxibustion warm and remove obstruction of channels, dispel cold and dampness in your body. It helps invigorate the flow of Qi and blood, and improve /strengthen the function of internal organs. 

Type of moxibustion

There are different methods of applying moxibustion in clinic:

Direct moxibustion

Direct moxibustion is performed by placing the ignited cone directly over the point on the skin. There are two types of this method:

  • The non-scarring moxibustion – usually with smaller cones and cause no burn and no scar
  • The scarring moxibustion – often bigger cones and causes burn and scars
Moxibustion rolls

Moxibustion rolls

Indirect moxibustion

  • indirect moxibustion with ginger
  • indirect moxibustion with garlic
  • indirect moxibustion with salt
  • indirect moxibustion with herbal biscuit
  • Moxibustion with Moxa stick
  • Moxibustion with Warming Needle


moxibustion on the back

Indirect moxibustion on the back


Moxibustion with needle

warm acupuncture - moxibustion over needles

warm acupuncture – moxibustion over needles

Warm acupuncture – moxibustion over acupuncture needles

Moxibustion rolls

Pure moxa wool rolls for indirect moxibustion treatment

How does moxibustion work?

The theory of making diagnosis and choosing treatment points are the same as acupuncture.

It helps free flow of Qi and blood, expel cold dampness from the meridians and help strengthen Yang Qi, therefore help strengthen the immune system.

Generally moxibustion is a combined with acupuncture or as a complement to acupuncture treatment.