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stop covid virus

Dear patient,

In order to ensure that you remain safe while visiting our clinics, we’ve implemented the appropriate measures in our clinics.

Here is our updated Infection Control and Prevention Protocol.

We’ve committed to make sure that you are safe.

Infection control and prevention protocol

All our staffs will:

  • Self check temperature on arrival of clinic;
  • Wear mask and gloves at all time;
  • Wash hands thoroughly after servicing each patient.

All patients:

Screen when making appointment

  • We will make sure that you are not returned from overseas in the last 14 days, or are suffering from cold or flu symptoms or been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms.
  • We will reschedule patients who are currently unwell or have been in contact with someone who has the virus.
  • Telehealth phone or video consultation is open if you are unable to attend our clinics. Chinese herbal medicine can be dropped in your car while you are waiting. We can also post herbs to your address as your choice.

Screen on arrival of clinic

  • Check your temperature;
  • You will be offered a mask to wear;
  • Hand sanitiser station for anyone attending the clinic. It is important that you wash hands thoroughly during your visit.

Clean – hourly cleaning of all public areas including:

Reception desk/herbal room:

  • Computer keyboard/mouse/hicaps/ftpos machine, and herbal room desk tables

Waiting room:

  • Mop floor at least 2 times per day
  • Toilet – spay wipe with disinfectant every one hour and after each usage
  • Clinic door handles, waiting room chairs – spray clean after each patient’s visit

Treatment/consultation Room:

  • Single used disposable cover sheets are used in all treatment;
  • Chairs/ desk/ treatment bed/table: spray clean with disinfectant after each visit;
  • Towel: all cover towels are washed and put in the cabinet – not left on treatment tables;
  • Gowns: wash after each visit and put inside the cabinet;
  • Face hole cover /paper cover: single sued disposable cover sheet. Change and spray clean the face hole after each patient;
  • Suction cups: wash and spray wipe with alcohol sanitiser after each using

Social distance

Ensure adequate social distancing by:

  • Spacing out chairs in waiting room and
  • Staggering appointment times. Allow adequate time for cleaning as well as appropriate social distancing.


Be well and stay safe!

Yours for better health

Dr. Richard Zeng & team at

Almond Wellness Centre