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Dear friends and patients,

The Coronarivus has been spreading in Australia. There are increasing information about the coronavirus from the media and social media. People are becoming more anxious about the virus – we see panic buying of toilet paper and other stuffs from the supermarket.

Here are a few things that I would like to share with you about the virus and tips to avoid COVID 19 infection at this special period of time.

First please remember – virus are opportunists.

Opportunistic infections happen when your immune systems are weak. If your immune systems are strong, you have less change of being infected, or have less severe symptoms if you are infected.

As the Bible of Chinese medicine – Yellow Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic Says:

正气存内,邪不可干 – When there is sufficient healthy qi inside, pathogenic factors have no way to invade the body

Therefore the most important thing is:

Don’t give virus any opportunity!

That includes two measures:

Firstly, keep your immune system strong

Secondly, avoid the virus

Here are a few tips for a healthy immune systems

Stay calm and have less stress – constant worry or persistent high stress blocks your energy flow and reduce your immune system.

Be mindful to have necessary and enough rest when you are tired – Do Not overstrain or overwork, especially when we are in a COVID pandemic.

Have enough sleep – Go to bed early if you can. Our body repairs, recovers and recreates energy during sleep, so does our immune system.

Keep warm – avoid get cold by wearing enough clothes.

Eat a healthy diet – Less drinking alcohol and have enough water

No smoking – smoker’s lung function have already been compromised. Evidence showed smokers have higher rate to become severe cases once they have contract Covid-19. It is time to quit smoking now.

Lots of sunlight – Sunlight is the nature’s greatest disinfectant because the ultraviolet light inactivates bacteria and viruses. Researchers found a certain spectrum of ultraviolet light — far-UVC easily kills airborne flu viruses while posing no risk to people.

Sunlight will also improve your vitamin D which is important to your immune system.

Now in Melbourne is Autumn – the most beautiful season and full of sunlight. So Let’s get outdoor and enjoy the sunshine.

Moderate exercises – Exercises contribute to general good health and boost your immune system. I suggest moderate intensity exercises such as power walking, jogging, light weight training, yoga, Taichi.

Important: Remember to take a shower straight away after your exercises if you sweat during exercises. Or at least change into dry clothes.

Why is that?

Although exercises improve your immune system, your body is temporarily vulnerable after exercise, especially if after perspiration:
– You are tired after exercises.
– Your core temperate is high however your body surface temperature is low from sweating because your clothes are still wet.

Taking a shower and change into dry clothes give you less opportunity for virus to attack you.

AVOID virus

虚邪贼风 避之有时

For evil pathogens, avoid at times – Yellow Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic

Wash your hands
Viruses bind with grease. Washing your hands with soap kills virus.
Hand sanitiser with 70~75% alcohol kills virus too.
If you can’t buy sanitiser you can make your own at home – buy the 95% methylated spirit and dilute into 70~75%.

Avoid touch you face, mouth, eyes and nose

Avoid close contact with people who are sick

Ventilate your home and office – Poor ventilation traps virus. Increase ventilation by opening windows and room doors.

Chinese herbal medicine

I recently read articles in Chinese regarding Chinese herbal medicine treatment that seems to have the ability to reduce symptoms of coronavirus.

I’ve also read news that almost everyone is taking Chinese herbal medicine decoctions for those who have been isolated in the Fang-Chang hospitals (mobile cabin hospitals) with mild to moderate symptoms. It has reported that none of those patients turned into severe cases with herbal medicine.

20 years ago I worked at Wuhan Chinese Medicine Hospital. One of ex colleague, Dr. Lv have recently participated in treating patients at one of the mobile cabin hospitals. I had a few chats with him. He shared a lot of information about both WM and TCM diagnosis and treatment for Covid-19. He also shared some Chinese medicine formulas that they’ve used to prevent and treat the disease at those hospitals.

I am studying these herbal-medicine-formulas and will be prepared to engage in ‘telehealth’ sessions with anyone should you experience any symptoms.

If anyone of you, or your family members have any concern or experience any symptoms, please let us know by call 03 8802 1519.

Via the phone or video consultation I may be able to prepare the proper herbs for you to pick up or post to your address.

Be well and stay safe!

Yours for better health

Dr. Richard Zeng (Dr. TCM)