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We wish you happy holidays and have a very joyful New Year. We hope that the new year brings your family much happiness and health. Take care of yourselves and see you when you need help next time.

Dr. Richard Zeng will be away from 18th Dec to 18th Jan and will be back to work on 20th Jan. However, both our Ringwood and Coburg clinics are open throughout Christmas and New Year, expect the major holidays.

曾医生假期从12月18日始,1月20日起正常应诊。整脊师 Daniel 12月23日至1月9日, 1月10日起正常应诊

Practitioners available at Ringwood clinic / Ringwood 门诊医生:

Dr. Ruby Hou (Chinese Medicine) : Wednesday, Saturdays

Ken Gao : Monday, Thursday, Friday


Richard Yates: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturdays, Sunday

Practitioners available at Coburg clinic / Coburg 门诊医生:

Dr. Ruby Hou (Chinese Medicine): Monday, Friday


Dr. Tracey Byrne (Chinese medicine): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Ken Gao (Dry needling, Remedial Massage): Wednesday, Saturday


If you are having any health issues, please reach out to us and we will make arrangements for you to be treated by one of our trusted associates here at Almond Wellness Centre.


You can call 93789479 / 88021519, or email to: [email protected]
and one of the team will be happy to help!