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Balanced energy


A study explored how acupuncture could help manage menopause symptoms in breast cancer patients. It discovered that while acupuncture effectively relieved general menopause symptoms, it didn’t significantly reduce hot flushes in patients undergoing medical menopause due to breast cancer treatments. For those concerned about hormone therapy’s side effects, acupuncture might serve as an alternative.


The study, accessible at this link focused on breast cancer patients experiencing hot flushes due to medical menopause. Instead of traditional hormone therapy, some patients chose acupuncture. The research reviewed various randomised clinical trials involving 844 women, averaging 58 years old, using Cochrane criteria to assess the acupuncture’s effectiveness.


The analysis showed that while acupuncture didn’t notably impact the frequency and severity of hot flushes (p = 0.34; p = 0.33), it did significantly improve overall menopause symptoms (p = 0.009). No severe adverse effects were reported from acupuncture treatment.


Acupuncture emerges as an effective method to alleviate menopause symptoms for breast cancer patients. However, its influence on hot flushes appears limited. For those worried about hormone therapy’s repercussions, considering acupuncture as an alternative is recommended. Further large-scale studies exploring biomarkers or cytokines could deepen our understanding of how acupuncture aids in managing menopause symptoms in breast cancer patients.