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Acupuncture migraine researchBased on the available evidence, acupuncture can be a valuable option for individuals with migraines.

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A review of 22 trials involving 4,985 people found that acupuncture reduced the frequency of migraine episodes. In trials where acupuncture was added to usual care, it resulted in a significant reduction in headache frequency compared to usual care alone. When acupuncture was compared to “fake” acupuncture, the true acupuncture group had a higher rate of halving headache frequency. Acupuncture was also found to be similarly effective as prophylactic drugs in reducing migraine frequency. Side effects were minimal, and dropout rates were lower compared to drug treatments.

The findings suggest that acupuncture can reduce the number of migraine days per month, with an average reduction from six days to three and a half days for those receiving true acupuncture. The quality of the evidence was considered moderate.


In conclusion, acupuncture can be considered as a treatment option for individuals with migraines who are willing to undergo this therapy. However, more long-term studies are needed to further evaluate its effectiveness compared to other migraine treatments.


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