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Back Pain FAQ

acupuncture for back pain


Back Pain FAQ


Q: I hurt my back just today or yesterday, can I have acupuncture or not?

A: Yes, acupuncture is very good for acute back pain even during the very first stage.


Q: Part from acupuncture treatment, what should I do if I have acute back pain? should I use heat pack or ice?

A: You should have full rest (lie in bed) and apply ice on the sore spot for 20 minutes every 2 hours in the first 24 hours after injury; Then you may use heat.


Q: Should I have massage at the early stage?

A: Generally not.

Although massage may help ease off the spasm a little bit, do it in the first 24 or 48 hours may aggravate the pain.


Q: I have bulging/ruptured disc, can you help me?

A: Yes.

No matter the back pain is caused by bulging disc/ruptured disc/herniated disc, muscle sprain or over-strain, we can help ease off the pain and help prevent the pain come back.


Q: I have chronic back pain and have seen my doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other acupuncturists without much improvement, what’s the difference of your treatment to others?

A: Firstly, we use a combination diagnosis technique both in Western and Chinese Medicine, such as SLR (Straight Leg Raising Testing), Braggers testing, Local palpation, unique Chinese medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis, to understand your back problem and we are able to know the right treatment for your back pain and how is the prognosis of the back pain.


Secondly, we use a combination treatment regime based on the diagnosis. The treatment may include acupuncture, acupressure (Chinese deep tissue massage), cupping therapy, Infra-red heat therapy, stretching therapies. Specific designed stretching exercises will be given at the end of the first session. You may also have advice on posture improving, stress management and diet change. Some patient will have Chinese herbal medicine for the pain if desired.


Q: I have chronic back pain, how often should I have the treatment and how many sessions can I see the difference?

A: Once per week is fine, however twice per week is better. For chronic back pain generally after 4~5 sessions, you will notice significant improvement.