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Coburg acupuncture Chinese medicine clinic

Coburg clinic



Almond Wellness Centre Coburg
21 Bell street, Coburg, Vic 3058
03 9386 5068


Address: 21 Bell Street, Coburg, Vic 3058

Phone: 03 9378 9479

Office Hours:

Monday: 11am~6pm
Tuesday: 9am~6pm
Wednesday: 12pm~8pm
Thursday: 9:30am~6pm
Friday: 10am~6pm
Saturday: 8am~4pm
Sunday: 9am~2pm



Ringwood acupuncture Chinese medicine clinic

Ringwood clinic

Almond Wellness Centre Ringwood
31 wantirna road, Ringwood, Vic 3134
03 8802 1519

Address: 31 wantirna road, Ringwood, vic 3134

Phone: 03 8802 1519

Office Hours:

Monday: 10am~8pm
Tuesday: 10am~6pm
Wednesday: 10am~7pm
Thursday: 10am~6pm
Friday: 10am~6pm
Saturday: 9am~3pm
Sunday: 10am~2pm


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