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 Fertility Acupuncture Melbourne

Fertility Success Program

Want to conceive naturally?

Planning to or already started IVF treatment but failed?

Can’t tolerant the side effects with Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) drugs?

Getting frustrated, feel isolated, sad and confused with IVF treatment?

We can help!



Who we are?

Fertility acupuncture team




Fully qualified

All practitioners are fully qualified, registered acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists who meet the highest standard of Australian registration requirement.


Extensive training in fertility acupuncture

All practitioners have completed extensive training in reproductive health including TCM gynaecology and obstetrics, IVF acupuncture support, and pre/ post natal treatment.

We have abundant knowledge including Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medicine in women’s health and fertility.


Proven effective protocols

Our unique treatment protocols are Proven Effective for both natural fertility and IVF support treatment.

Most importantly, we constantly deliver great result!  We have helped thousands couples getting pregnant.

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Richard Zeng fertility Acupuncturist Melbourne

Dr. Richard Zeng (TCM)

Dr. Richard Zeng fertility acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist Melbourne

Fertility Acupuncturist coburg and ringwood

Dr. Tracey Byrne (TCM)

Acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, Remedial massage therapist Coburg

Dr. Ruby Hou acupuncturist Coburg Ringwood

Dr. Ruby Hou (TCM)

Acupuncturist Chinese herbalist Coburg Ringwood

What we do?


What we can help?


Natural conceiving

Reduce stress related hormone issues

Improve sleep quality

Manage your weight

Alleviate symptoms associated with endometriosis, PCOS, pain, irregular menstrual period

Regulate ovulation

Increase the change of getting pregnant naturally with better diet,  life style


IVF support

Improve your IVF success with acupuncture and Chinese medicine support


Male factor infertility

Improve sperm quality


Pregnancy support, Labor and Postpartum care

Reduce symptoms during early stage of pregnancy such as morning sickness, fatigue, headache

Alleviate lower back and hip pain

Providing more blood flow to uterus may help reduce the chance of miscarriage

Labor preparation and postpartum care

We’ve helped many couples successfully conceived and “Bring Baby Home” with some of the most resistant cases of infertility, including:

Multiple failure of IVF treatment

Recurring miscarriage



High FSH

High prolactin

Luteal defect

Detached placenta

Male factor infertility – Low sperm count and quality


Why see us?


we care about you

We care about you

We listen to you. We care about you physically and emotionally.

Your privacy is protected at all time.

fully qualified acupuncturist and herbalist

Fully qualified practitioners

All of our practitioners have completed extensive training in reproductive health including TCM gynaecology and obstetrics, IVF acupuncture support, and pre/ post natal treatment.

We have abundant knowledge including Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medicine in women’s health and fertility.

Proven effective acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment

Proven effective treatment

Our unique treatment protocols are proven Effective for both natural fertility and IVF treatment.

We have helped thousands couples getting pregnant and “Bring the baby Home”.



When to start?

You should start acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment immediately if any one or more of the following situations apply to you:



Age factor

You are over 36 years old

Between 30-35 years old and have not conceived after trying for six months

29 years old or younger and not conceived after trying for over one year



You don’t have regular menstrual cycles;

Your cycle is less than 25 days or over 40 days

Your have severe Pre-menstrual Tension or extreme menstrual cramping;




You are not sure if you’re ovulating or not;

You don’t notice any fertile mucus

You have ovulation pain or mid-cycle spotting


Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

You have previous failed ART treatments such as: IUI, IVF;

You are Preparing for fertility treatments, e.g. IUI, IVF


Existing Diagnosis & History

Your have two or more consecutive miscarriages

Your progesterone levels are lower than normal

You have been diagnosed with PCOS/PCOD, Endometriosis

Your partner’s sperm testing shows abnormal


fertility acupuncture baby





I have already started my IVF stimulation am I too late to start Acupuncture?
No you can start Acupuncture support at any time. However since you have not had the 3 months preparation results could vary.



It is my first IVF attempt, can I still use Acupuncture?
Sure yes. We can support you through the first IVF stimulation and in some cases a woman only needs one round.


My husband has a low sperm count, we will be using ICSI. Can I use acupuncture to support myself during IVF?
In this case we recommend seeing both partners for IVF support.


How many treatments will I need?
There are many variables, depending on previous history and condition. We suggest weekly for 3 months prior to IVF stimulation for those with a history of infertility. However each individual varies so speak to your acupuncturist.


Apart from Acupuncture are there any other treatments I should consider?
Yes based on individual needs your practitioner will suggest vitamins, Chinese herbs or diet changes.


Is changing my diet important?
Diet changes can be very important. Nutritional deficiencies such as Iron can impact your results. The practitioner will take into account your individual needs and tailor some changes for you.


I need to lose a few kilos how will this affect my treatment?
Generally speaking we suggest the a woman lose weight before starting IVF procedures however we can assist in the weight loss and start the three months preparation during this time.


What is the age of the oldest woman to conceive?
We have many clients over 40 who have conceived naturally. Lately one lady conceived naturally and just delivered a healthy baby with age of 44 . Quite few cases conceived naturally while doing her preparation for IVF in her 40’s. I can think of many cases of successful combination of IVF with Acupuncture over the age of 40. We have also dealt with clients using donor embryos.
Can you help bring down high FSH levels?

High FSH means your ovaries are not responding to Follicle stimulating hormone. For women who is not in menopause, a combination of Acupuncture and herbal medicine may help reduce the FSH level.

Are there any particular supplements that I should take?
For a women as a general rule we usually suggest:


• Pregnancy multi-vitamins,

• Fish oil

• Royal Jelly For the man;

• Deer velvet

However depending on you individual needs you may need variations some common variations include Vitamin D and iron.

Do I need to take herbal medicine?
You don’t have to. Your treatment is entirely up to you. However,in some cases herbs are crucial to the success.
Do herbs taste bad?
They certainly not taste great. However after a few time you will get use to the taste, and may start to like it because you can feel the benefit from the herbs.


We use a combination of herbs:

Raw, granule and pills

The traditional raw herbs taste bitter but are the strongest variety. Raw herbs have been used in China for hundreds if not thousands of years to treat fertility, they are not always tasty but they work great!

Granulated herbs are less bitter however they are less potent. Pills are great for those who cannot handle the taste but are much weaker.

Once I am pregnant should I continue with Acupuncture?
We recommend that a woman should continue with acupuncture for several reasons;


• Acupuncture lessons the chance of miscarriage

• Acupuncture is a great natural cure for morning sickness

• Acupuncture can help with general health complaints in pregnancy

• In the last trimester acupuncture can get the body ready for a natural labour, turn breech babies and induct late babies

The frequency will be discussed with your practitioner due to individual conditions. However generally for women who have experienced miscarriages weekly acupuncture is recommended and often combined with Chinese herbal medicines.

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