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Chinese herbal medicine fertility

The use of Chinese herbal medicine for infertility


Ancient use of Chinese herbs for fertility

Modern use of Chinese herbs for infertility

what type of infertility can Chinese herbal medicine help?


Female infertility and Chinese herbal medicine


Anovulation infertility

Luteal defect

Immune factor infertility

High FSH

Over stimulated Ovaries

Male infertility and Chinese herbal medicine

Lower sperm count

low morphology

low motility

Why Chinese herbs?


The history

The theory

The research

The experience

The result

What herbs?


the formula

the form – pills, granules, decoction

Are Chinese herbal medicine safe to take?


Saft to take herbs before and during pregnancy;

Safe to take herbal medicine for preventing miscarriage;

The potentially unsafe herbs have been banned from using in Australia.

Who need herbs?


When to take herbs?


How to take herbs?


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