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Chiropractic Medicare Rebate

Do you or anyone you know suffer from chronic musculoskeletal conditions?

Good news! You may be eligible to the Medicare rebate under a GP Management Plan or Team Care Arrangements prepared by your GP, entitling you rebate to chiropractic services at our clinic.

Our chiropractors regularly treat various musculoskeletal conditions such as neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, occupational related injuries, and pregnancy related joint pain.

A Medicare rebate is available for up to maximum five allied health services per calendar year.

According to the Chronic Disease Management (formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care), a chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for six months or longer, for example, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions and stroke.

There is no list of eligible conditions. However, the CDM items are tailored for patients who require a structured approach and to enable GPs to plan and coordinate the care of patients with complex conditions requiring ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team.


How does it work?

  1. Meet with your GP to discuss your eligibility for chiropractic service listed in the CDM (item number 10964). Your GP may refer you to obtain diagnostic imaging and undergo tests necessary to determine if the identified services are beneficial to your medical condition.
  2. Bring the referral letter provided by your GP to us.
  3. Our chiropractors will provide the chiropractic services for the valid number of services stated in the referral and provide a written report to your GP after the first and the last service.
  4. Kindly remember to bring along your Medicare card to your scheduled appointment with our chiropractor.

For more information on CDM, visit the Department of Health – Chronic Disease Management website.