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Liaoning Chinese Medicine Journal

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Boost IVF Success in Endometriosis Patients

In a study conducted in northeastern China, 180 women diagnosed with endometriosis undergoing IVF treatments were divided into three groups. The study aimed to determine the impact of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine on IVF outcomes.

The Findings:

  1. The acupuncture combined with herbal medicine group had notably higher pregnancy rates compared to those who did not receive acupuncture.
  2. Among the three groups undergoing IVF, the one with acupuncture and herbal medicine showed significantly better outcomes in terms of oocyte retrieval, fertilization rates, implantation success, and overall pregnancy rates.
  3. The patients receiving acupuncture combined with herbal medicine reported better satisfaction scores than those only receiving medicine.

Conclusion: The study concludes that the use of acupuncture alongside herbal medicine had a substantial positive impact on IVF outcomes for women with endometriosis. This combined approach proved more effective than solely using medicine during IVF treatments.