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Below, I have listed a few quit smoking tips or techniques that have been proven effective in helping to combat your cravings. As long as you employ one or more of these concepts, you take another step toward a healthier and happier smoke-free you!


Do what is right to support your “smoke-free” journey.

Quit smoking 2015First step: when and where are your cravings?

The first step toward becoming “smoke free” is to identify when and where your smoking cravings occur, i.e. after eating, after a cup of coffee, during stressful situations, etc.

When you become aware of the triggers that precede your cravings, it will become easier for you to begin to break the habit. As long as you refrain from grabbing a cigarette for at least 20-30 minutes after the craving trigger, you will have a much better chance of quitting. As time ticks by, it will become easier to remove yourself from the cravings and you may even forget you wanted a cigarette in the first place.

Manage you habit

Cravings may feel like they last forever, but will most likely dissipate within 3-5 minutes. Invent your own ideas to bust the cravings or use the suggestions below to help you manage them when they occur. Plan ahead by writing down these suggestions in your day planner, on post it notes in your house, car, or at your desk, or even on your screen saver. Remember to make these healing activities fun and enjoyable, as well as easily accessible!


An affirmation is positive statement, which when spoken repeatedly, helps to bolster the positive and desired changes you are embarking upon. Repeating the affirmation helps to remind you of why you are no longer smoking, imprinting in your mind and body a positive image of a “smoke –free” existence.

An example of an affirmation might be:

“I am a non-smoker, and I make healthy choices in my life”, or

“I am strong, healthy, and vibrant, and choose healthy things in my life.”

Setting boundaries

Set up contracts with other smokers that you associate with. Let them know that you are choosing to kick the habit and that you want them to refrain from smoking around you. This includes friends, spouses, and family members.

If you are in a public location and someone lights a cigarette, you can do one of two things:

  • ask them to put it out, or
  • leave the situation and socialise elsewhere.

The desire to pick up a cigarette and smoke, when others are doing so, is strong.

Support person

The decision to quit smoking is an important one, and by taking the positive steps toward quitting, you may experience some unpleasant and uncomfortable emotions. Ask someone, whom you are close with, to act as sounding board for you, and to provide you with encouragement.

Ear seeds/needles

In your acupuncture treatment at Almond Wellness Centre, you may receive ear seeds/needles. These seeds/needles are held in place on the ear with a small piece of adhesive tape, and are located on specific points in your ear which help reduce stress, calm the mind. When a craving occurs, rub each of the ear seeds for approximately 15-30 seconds. Rubbing them throughout the day will help fortify and support your acupuncture treatments.

Chinese herbal tea

Chinese herbal tea can help detox and ease off the discomfort around your mouth, nose and chest area. It also has calm effect, which can help fight cravings.

Breathe deeply

Many of us do not take full, deep breaths. Take time out during the day to breathe deeply. Begin by inhaling into your belly. Then, allow the breath to move up into your chest, making it rise as full as you can. As you exhale, focus on completely expelling the air from your body. In you exhale, making the sound SSSSSSSSSSSS, activates and opens the lungs and chest.

Refrain from drinking coffee

Coffee can dehydrate your body and lead to cravings. Most people associate a cup of coffee with a cigarette. In order to be successful, you need to break the coffee and cigarette relationship.

Drink Water

Sip water frequently throughout the day. It will help to curb your cravings and will cleanse and flush the body tissues.

Food choices

Eat lots of carrots, celery and other vegetables. They will satiate your appetites, as well as provide your body with the nutrients it needs to regain health and vitality. Candy and other sweets will upset the sugar level in your body, which can aggravate any withdrawal symptoms that you may experience. Sugar substitutes, such as NutraSweet, are sweeter than sugar and can cause even more cravings.