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Have troublesome hot flushes?

Volunteers wanted for acupuncture study

The University of Melbourne, in collaboration with Jean Hailes for Women’s Health and Monash/RMIT/Southern Cross Universities is looking for healthy postmenopausal women who can attend for

10 free sessions of acupuncture

(either real or placebo) as part of a study on acupuncture for hot flushes.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You need to be over 40
  • Have not had acupuncture in the past TWO years
  • Having regular hot flushes
  • Have not had a hysterectomy or your ovaries removed
  • At least 12 months since your last menstrual period
  • Have not started any treatment for hot flushes within the past 12 weeks
  • Not taking hormone replacement therapy
  • Willing to attend for acupuncture (real or placebo) at the nearest location over 8 weeks

Treatments are provided by Dr. Richard Zeng (TCM Dr.) at Coburg and Ringwood clinic, and other experienced acupuncturists located in St Kilda, Bentleigh, Rosanna, Mount Waverley, Bundoora and Melton. Treatments last for 30 minutes except for the first treatment which is 45 minutes.

For more information please see:


email: [email protected] or

call 03 90355018