Getting cross, irritable and snap at people when you don’t really mean to?

Frustrated and depressed?

Feel your life is out of control?

Push yourself too hard and beyond your tolerance level?

You are suffering stress!

Main causes of stress include:

Occupational stress:

Shouldering a heavy workload; reaching the expectations others set for you; constantly having to perform the job.Conflict with colleague or costumers.

Emotional stress:

The breakdown of a relationship; the loss of loved one (such as death of a spouse or truly loved one), divorce or marital separation.

Physical stress:

Taking on extra work; heavy training sessions

The consequence of stress can be:

How does acupuncture help relieve stress?

Acupuncture help stimulate the body to “heal itself”. For all stress related symptoms acupuncture is a safe and very effective management method.

Acupuncture treatment can help reduce the Stress Hormone, restore and natural balance of the physical, emotional and mental functions.

Generally during and after acupuncture treatment you would feel much calmer, more relaxed and aware the improvement of your well-being.

Many researches found that acupuncture can help release Endorphin which is a “Happy Hormones” making people feel relaxed and calm.

How many sessions do I need acupuncture for stress?

Most likely you will experience a great feeling from the very first treatment. However acupuncture gives increasing benefits with each treatment. A course of treatment has a greater effect.

The frequency and duration of acupuncture treatment for stress varies according to individual”s condition. Generally twice treatment per week is necessary from the beginning. Once the symptoms have improved, it can be reduced to once a week or fornightly, or even monthly.

Stress Checklist

Questions we may ask about your stress problems:

Tips other than acupuncture to help relieve stress

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