Pork rib winter melon coix seeds soup

Pork rib winter melon coix seeds soup recipe

Pork rib winter melon soup with coix seeds taste good and can be used for fluid retention.




1. Wash the coix seeds and soak in cold water for one hour;

1. soak coix seeds










2. Prepare ribs. Remove excess fats and wash the ribs. Put it into boiling water for 5 minutes, then remove and drain the ribs;

2. Prepare the ribs










3. Leave peels on the winter melon. Clean and cut into slices as 1cm thick and 5cm long;

3. Prepare the winter melon










4. Adding winter melon, pork, barley, ginger and water into cook pot. Cook over medium flame. After boiling let it simmer for 1 hour;

4. cook all together










5. Add salt to taste and serve;

5. add salt at last

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