Fertility Acupuncture

Fertility Acupuncture Melbourne

By Dr. Richard Zeng

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Want to conceive naturally?

Planning to or already started IVF treatment but failed?

Can’t tolerant the side effects with Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) drugs?

Getting frustrated, feel isolated, sad and confused with IVF treatment?

No matter whether you want to conceive naturally, or are planning to use assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF or IUI, we may help you achieve pregnancy through our unique and integrated approaches including

  • Acupuncture;
  • Chinese herbal medicine;
  • Abdominal/femoral massage;
  • Supplements;
  • Diet and life style advice.

We treat both female and male infertility and reproductive health disorders. In the past years of practice, we have achieved great result and have developed a successful fertility programme based on evidenced based clinical researches and our excellent clinic experiences.

Why come to see us?

Here are some of the great reasons to see our professional fertility acupuncture Chinese medicine team:

  • We care about you;
  • All of our practitioners have completed extensive training in reproductive health including TCM gynaecology and obstetrics, IVF acupuncture support, and pre/ post natal treatment. We have abundant knowledge including Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medicine in women’s health and fertility.
  • Our unique treatment protocols are Proven Effective for both natural fertility and IVF treatment.
  • Most importantly, we constantly deliver great result! 

With the help of our treatment, just in the past a few months we have achieved at least one new pregnancy every week. Once we even had news of Four of our patients get pregnant on a single day! (two naturally and two with IVF treatment).

What can we help

We've helped many couples successfully conceived and "Bring Baby Home" with some of the most resistant cases of infertility, including:

  • Multiple failure of IVF treatment;
  • Recurring miscarriage;
  • PCOS;
  • Endometriosis;
  • High FSH;
  • High prolactin;
  • Luteal defect;
  • Detached placenta;
  • Male factor infertility - Low sperm count and quality;

Team of Fertility Programme

The fertility acupuncture clinic is led by Dr. Richard Zeng (Dr. TCM). Dr. Zeng is a highly qualified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with and outstanding academic credentials and over 20 years full time professional experience in China, Germany and Australia. He is also a highly regarded lecturer of acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Melbourne's universities (RMIT University and Victoria University).

Our team of fertility acupuncture/Chinese medicine including Dr. Lauren Lanzoni (Dr. TCM) and Dr. Tracey Byrne have extended training in the specific area of male and female fertility, pregnancy acupuncture and women's health. Their expertise in women's health and fertility will give you the confidence of choosing us for your fertility health and wellbeing.

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Fertility acupuncture clinics Melbourne location:

  • Coburg (Open 7 days) and
  • Ringwood (Open 7 days)

Our mission is:

Dedicated to provide excellent, professional service for your individual fertility care.

When should I start acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment for fertility?

By Dr. Richard Zeng

You should start acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment immediately if any one or more of the following situations apply to you:

Age factor:IVF acupuncture baby

  • You are over 36 year old
  • Between 30-35 yo, not conceived after tried for six months
  • 29 yo or younger, not conceived after tried over one year


  • You don't have regular menstrual cycles;
  • Your cycle is less than 25 days or over 40 days
  • Your have severe Pre-menstrual Tension or extreme menstrual cramping;


  • You are not sure if you’re ovulating or not;
  • You don't notice any fertile mucus
  • You have ovulation pain or mid-cycle spotting

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART):

  • You have previous failed ART treatments such as: IUI, IVF;
  • You are Preparing for fertility treatments, e.g. IUI, IVF

Existing Diagnosis & History:

  • Your have two or more consecutive miscarriages
  • Your progesterone levels are lower than normal
  • You have been diagnosed with PCOS/PCOD, Endometriosis
  • Your partner's sperm testing shows abnormal


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High FSH Acupuncture treatment

Treat High FSH with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

By Dr. Richard Zeng

Want to try IVF but have high FSH?
Diagnosed as Pre-matured menopause?

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may help reduce your FSH and achieve pregnancy.

Many of our clients are told that they have high Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), or they are diagnosed are pre-matured menopause.

High FSH is linked to poor egg quality and conception rates, both stand-alone or in IUI/IVF cycle.They are told not able to conceive naturally or if they choose to do IVF, their IVF specialist won't be able to help them unless their FSH level are below 12, because their ovaries will have no or less response to the IVF drugs.

The reason that you have high FSH is because your ovaries are not responding adequately to its hormonal message from the high levels (pituitary gland). Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can improve blood flow to your ovaries, and provide more nutrients to your ovaries, consequently improve your ovaries' response to pituitary gland, and ovulation happens.

In our clinic we have treated many women who have high FSH with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Generally after a few weeks' treatment, FSH level can be lowered below 12, or under 10. Many associated symptoms can also be improved a lot, such as abdominal discomfort (pain in the ovaries, cramping), hot flushes, fatigue, emotional instability. Many patients achieved pregnancy after the treatment either naturally or through IVF.

Should you have more queries, please feel free to contact us or

Call our Fertility acupuncture clinic on 03 9386 5068 (Coburg clinic), or 03 8802 1519 (Ringwood clinic) to make an appointment.

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