Cosmetic Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture; what it all really about!cosmetic acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture the newest facial trend!

Improve your appearance without compromising your health.

Well actually it’s not really; rumors suggest that Chinese have been using Acupuncture and other facial needling techniques for as long as women have converted beauty and youth. Although the technology has improved. It has become a fast growing trend in both celebrities and women across the globe.

So what’s it all about?

Facial Acupuncture is the use of extra fine needles to aid in improving the look of skin imperfections such as fine lines, blemishes, skin discolouration’s, sagging, and aids in overall glow of skin but bringing blood supply to the surface.

It is important to realise that facial treatments are unique and depend on your area of concern because as we know no two faces are alike. At Almond wellness we offer a range of facial services to suit most complaints.

Ruri facial diagnosis;

Chinese Ruri facial diagnosis is a unique system to identify the underlying causes of skin imperfections including acne, fine lines, dark spots and sagging.

Because unlike other facial treatments Acupuncture can actually aid in treatment of underlying causes. And guess, every face tells a story.

Acupuncture;cosmetic acupuncture2

Involves very fine hair like needles placed in very specific points on the face to increase blood flow, lymphatic drainage and circulation in the face. The process is virtually painless and takes about 20 minutes, after which the needles are left in the face for 20 minutes while the client enjoys some relaxation time.

Of course, when doing facial needling only the highest grade single use needles are used.

Dermal roller;dermal roller

Dermal rollers are a cosmetic tool to increase designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness & penetration of your skin care products & treatments. Research also suggests that it can also increase collagen production. If scars and fine facial lines are one of your concerns the clinic can also provide you with a dermal roller and rosehip oil for personal use at home.

Herbal masks;

In Chinese medicine herbs are commonly used for various ailments so why not on the skin. Herbs such as rosehip, calendula, green tea, and ginseng can be utilized during a treatment.

How many sessions?

Facial acupuncture typically consists of a series of sessions for the best results initially starting with weekly sessions. Clients will also be asked to do some small changes in their facial regime to further solidify the improvements.

Every person will achieve different results but some can see a definite change from the first session especially with brightness of the complexion. And as underlying causes improve you will see even more results. However, more substantial results are usually seen after about 7 treatments.

Patients should bear in mind that the epidermis (surface layer of skin) renews itself every 30 days). Results are not permanent but may last for a couple of years with maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks.

Packages offered at Almond Wellness

To help at Almond wellness we offer series of treatments at a discounted price.

Treatment package 1


  • Initial treatment $150

  • ongoing treatments $130


  • if purchased in advance 5 sessions $110 per session
    • Designed to suit those wanting to target minor/fine wrinkles and facial imbalances
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation and Diagnosis
    • Individual Chinese herbal mask
    • Acupuncture to treat constitution and localised concerns on the face
    • 10 treatments @ 60 mins

Treatment package 2

  • Initial treatment $200 
  • ongoing treatments (includes facial massage) $140 
  • if purchased in advance$120 per session
    • Designed to suit those wanting to target deeper wrinkles and facial imbalances
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation and diagnosis
    • Individual Chinese herbal mask
    • Dermal roller lesson, dermal roller and rosehip oil to use at home
    • Acupuncture to treat constitution and localised concerns on the face

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